Wing Hong Yip Dragon Style Kung Fu Club

Southern Lion Dance

The lion dance is a rich traditional part of the Chinese heritage. The lion dance has strong ties with the traditions of the kung fu school. The lion dance requires many of the same attributes as for kung fu practitioners; upper body strength, a strong back to perform the lion tail, and the stamina required to maneuver a lion. The musicians (instruments include the drum, gong, and cymbals) must perform music that reflects closely to the movements and emotions of the lion. The lion dance is always present during Chinese New Year where the lion can be found prancing in Chinatown. The lion dance serves broader functions that include corporate events and for public relations. Grand opening of businesses use lion dances to bring good luck, prosperity and visibility to its businesses.

The Club has performed lion dances that include Time, Inc., Tourneau, the Ms. Universe function held in New York City, the Coca-Cola centennial festivities in Atlanta, Georgia, the Saturday Morning Show, Bloomingdales, MetLife, HSBC Bank USA, Scholastic Book Publishing, Johnson & Johnson, Friends Seminary, Southern Connecticut State University, Wesleyan University and Columbia University. Kindly contact us via email below if you are interested in having a lion dance for your event.

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