Wing Hong Yip Dragon Style Kung Fu Club

Wu Style Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is an increasingly studied art throughout the world. Individuals practice tai chi as a form of physical fitness to improve balance, increase stamina and improve flexibility. The Dragon Style Kung Fu and Tai Chi Club integrates Dragon Style Kung Fu training with Wu Style Tai Chi. Both systems share similarities and complement each other. For example, while Dragon Style generates both external and internal power, Wu Style Tai Chi uses light and controlled movements to redirect an attack.

The core of training is the traditional 108-movement long form of Southern Wu Style Tai Chi coupled with push hands. Wu Chuan Yau founded Wu Style Tai Chi after studying Yang Style Tai Chi. His son, Wu Kam Chin, further developed the system so that it incorporates locks, throws, blocks and low kicks. Students learn the 24-movement competitive short tai chi form.

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